Louis van Gaal lifted many Titles

UEFA Champions League, Eredivisie, UEFA Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup and La Liga are some of the major titles that the Dutch manager Louis van Gaal has lifted during his managerial career.

It seems like Louis van Gaal will not be winning anymore major titles as the current manager of Manchester United has already stated that his current managerial position in Old Trafford will be his last one as the Dutch coach wants to take time to do other things such as, paying attention to his kids.

Manchester United’s Louis van Gaal said: “I am old. This is my last job for sure. I have to pay attention to my kids, my grandchildren but also to my wife. They deserve it.Now I cannot pay that attention. I was not at the birthday of my grandson, for example. I don’t like it.’’

“My wife wants to quit now already! Five years ago!I have a paradise in Portugal. I want to quit going there, playing golf, and eating fantastic food.”

Louis van Gaal has received heavy criticism due to the mixed season that Manchester United is going through. Manchester United is located in the top 5 spots of the Premier League and are one of the contenders of securing a European spot that would allow the team to compete in the Champions League of the upcoming season but even though that United is in a fairly good spot in the Premier League, their performances have been very disappointing as they have claimed victories in a number of matches even though it was not deserved.

The playing style of Manchester United has even been called: ‘’unimaginative football’’

When Louis van Gaal arrived to Old Trafford and turned into the coach of the Premier League team, he signed a 3 year long contract and after that he will be retiring from football.