Barcelona Advances with Wage Cuts

Barcelona has come up with specific measures to cope up with the surging corona virus pandemic. It has been announced on Thursday that Barcelona is planning to cut the salaries of its staff and players amidst the Corona Virus crisis. The football and the basketball squad will have to face a mandatory reduction in their wages as Spain is facing one of the worst breakdowns in the era. With the country pushed to lock down on March 14, the board of directors has decided to compulsorily cut down the money of its playing and non-playing staff, including the front end professional players like Lionel Messi.

This is done to reduce the current economic crisis faced by the country, says the board of directors. Since March 14, the country is facing one of its worst disasters with the citizens allowed to step out only for immediate business to avoid the disease spreading and reduce the number of fatalities. The country is one of the worst affected after Italy, with a death toll of about 800 on Friday. The club also has extended help by providing facilities to the government’s health department. The club has distributed 30000 masks to the Catalonia government as a part of aiding its citizens to cope up with the ongoing situation. The covers were made by the insurance company Taiping in china. Barcelona also distributed daily use masks to nursing homes.

The club reported that they are working towards the cause of their country both nationally and globally and has asked their players to adapt to the temporary crisis that the country is facing. The club said that they had proceeded with the cases to the Ministry of Labor of Catalonia about their decision of the wage reduction for the non-sporting and sporting staff. According to the reports, the players are willing to take the decision but are unhappy about the decisions of the board; there is even news on the ongoing frictions between the players and the board that created negotiations a little difficult.