25 replies on “Rasmus Elm – AZ Alkmaar”

  1. @InsideLine2011
    My thoughts exactly when ever I see this type of twats.

  2. Hilarious at all the people who thought he was joining their club posting up here.

  3. @DisInfoWars

    people like you are such spastics

    1. do you believe every fucking rumour you read ?
    2. do you then go to every youtube page with players name on and say “welcome to manchester united”
    3. do you actually think said player reads your comment ?

    absolutely fucking mongs, the lot of you

  4. @Marinomolin VDV isn’t goalscoring when in midfield….see last season where the majority of the season he played off the main striker.

  5. come on seriously his shots are spectacular but is he really good enough to boss the midfield???

  6. welcome to old trafford.i can’t wait him debut in old trafford next season.
    i wish you’ll replace manchester United’s legend Paul Schole.If not that just almost like him,
    in his set piece prominent.

  7. Welcome to………<---------------Insert the name of your club here. And feel a complete twat when you realise that lo and behold, not everything you read in the papers is true.Stop with that shit already.

  8. @aRiseHD Yh sign him up and keep him warm for United, it’ll be almost like a loan signing for you until WE DECIDE

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