20 replies on “Fifa 12 Crawley playthrough Part 294 – Crawley v AZ Alkmaar (euro)”

  1. Cisco Kid – Pizzaman.. for al the people who are wondering about the son of a bitch part xD

  2. Damn, apart from Wernbloom (Who went to CSKA last transfer window) AZ has the exact same squad as they have now =/

  3. great video toff,btw i hate EA,wtf is wrong with them,i was playing match against dude and i was wining 3-1 and i lost connection because of EA and he wins and i lose,WTF,that happened to me like 10 times in last week,fuck EA,they are cock suckers

  4. Haha, seeing Vitofrancesco hitting the floodlight reminds me of the viral videos which got Liverpool to play £20 million for Downing;)

  5. I have to say even the Katz just popped out of no where he has been your best defender if not youre best player

  6. Nice goal by Murphy for the 1st goal, sliding the ball past the keeper. It was important to get three points in the 1st group stage match, and you did that well even though you only won with a selnder 1-0 lead…. hopefully you can get far again in this season’s EL, if not retaining it!

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