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  1. In Alkmaar we’re enjoying every second we can watch him, because this might be the last season of one of the greatest players who’ve played for AZ in a long time. There’s no doubt he’s gonna make it in the Premier League.

  2. Dingen die ik in deze video zie zie ik wekelijks van Elm. Kan je niks beters vinden van hem dan dit? ‘k Durf te wedden van wel

  3. He is going to Man U in the summer since an medical will be done in around the summer to confirm it.

  4. @richjgharris He is 23 years old and also not very unknown. I think that the world has recognized his skills by now.

  5. @MrPineappleHero thats what i was thinking about and that seeing him live, i havent seen him live. but because he is unknown he could be good if that makes sence like hernandez and do you know how old he is?

  6. @Cashback13

    we already have a host of young midfielders at the club who will potentially be great in 2-3 years time, pogba, morrison, cleverley, tunnicliffe, petrucci, we don’t need another one of those, we need a player who is better then the midfielders we currently have and elm is not that player, the midfielders i mentioned are all realistic and a level or two above elm, in any case elm’s agent has said he is going to valencia not united…………….

  7. @MrPineappleHero When Fergie first saw Scholes in the late 80s/early 90s he said “He’s a Midget, he’ll never make it” and look what happened. Of course this guy isn’t world class yet or he would already be at a big team wouldn’t he? But he has skills which are transferable to any Big League and under the right guildership could become a great player in 2-3 years time. You are the sort of fan who doesn’t see the benefit in created players and want £30-40M Unrealistic Signings!

  8. @Cashback13

    and when you are you going to realise that rasmus elm is an average mid-table midfielder that is not good enough for united, he is no better then darron gibson, there are plenty of midfielders better then elm that united could get, banega, javi martinez, ander herrera, cabaye, montolivo, moutinho are just a few, i don’t even know why i am argueing with u anyway, u probably have not even seem elm play live, only on youtube, well i have seen him live he is not good enough

  9. He ain’t a winger, looks more like a CAM + plus if he is a winger gigs more like a cm now & park carnt run around like he use to so he will be gone jan & his delivery looks immense!

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