25 replies on “AFC Ajax Vs AZ Alkmaar – Esteban Alvarado Brown gets attacked fan – Game Abandoned”

  1. @Aaronrenate –> You can’t use violence against a supporter for verbal abuse etc. but you have every right to defend yourself just like any private citizen. For all he knew, the guy could have had a knife or some other weapon. I’d be making sure he stayed on the ground until he was subdued by stewards too.. which lets face it, he should have been before he could get even close to a player. The ref didn’t even try to find out what happened, just produced the red, and that’s wrong!

  2. Its against the rules to use violence against anyone even supporters who attack you.But asyou see even the opposite team says like come on “you couldve act like you didnt see it happen”

  3. @HelloIamBarnsy Why? It wasn’t against a opposing player but some thug that ran on the field with the intent to hurt him. I doubt he was there to shake hands. Good for the goalkeeper. Keep fans off the field. Look at what happen to other athletes: Monica Seles was stabbed while on the tennis court.

  4. I’m pretty sure the ref justified the retaliation as the red. It’s the same in rugby, it’s not about who hits first but if that action is proceeded. In the heat of the moment the ref made an instinctive call, lay off.

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  6. @qatarguy85 This goalie might be a good fighter but definitely isn’t smart enough. I always see players falling down and crying like women as soon as another player lays a finger on them why didn’t he do the same when the drunk fan attacked him his team would of had won the game instantly due to the fan’s assault and everybody knows that I’m right on this1.I do agree that the red card was an awful decision as well since he defended himself1st and on the heat of the moment gave him 2-3extra kicks

  7. А что ему оставалось делать. Черт знает???!!!! что хотел этот мужик!!!!!

  8. ik dacht in eerste instantie dat Theo Janssen en bierflesje in zijn handen had 1:55

  9. The referee has to apologize and respect his legal right to defend himself. The ban must be lifetd, and the FIFA has to clarify that no referee has to give a card for self defense!!!

  10. 0:59 “Ditt kann nit wahr sein” 😀
    Niederländisch ist so süß 😀

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