21 replies on “Nice goal Jozy Altidore”

  1. @USAmbassadorToFIFA Perfectly stated. I think this is one of the few sensible comments out there. Thank you.

  2. USA is nothing in football. The USA will win the world championships when pigs will fly.

  3. im surprised no one mentioned that they play “born in the USA” after he scored haha

  4. it isnt pretty lol but atleast he scoring, it reminds me of hernan crespo NOT SAYING THAT ALTIDORE PLAYS LIKE HIM!!!, BUT hernan crespo didnt do beautiful things with the ball but he knew how to score tho lol

  5. @MARAin3rror Hey, I’m not saying he didn’t do all those things you mentioned. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice goal but it wasn’t as good looking as I expected it to be.

  6. People…it says “Nice goal” which is what it was. Good movement, strong turn and finish. If you were expecting a back heel or bike, wouldn’t you think the title would be a bit more than “Nice goal”?

  7. This was a good goal. Give him credit for finding the opening to get in position to fight off the defender for the turn around goal. Whether u like it or not he’s becoming a good forward.

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  9. @rfp0909 wtf are you talking, is this the first game you watched? he did a good turning movement and placed his shot well.

  10. I was expecting a heel kick, dissapointed. Good play, not that good looking of a goal.

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