25 replies on “Jozy Altidore Loves Justin Bieber”

  1. The interviewer wants to be Stephen Colbert. Please stop you will never be as funny as he is.

  2. “what is your favorite thing to do in holland” “ummmmmmmmm………” haha you know what he wanted to say

  3. “what was it like growing up as a child” “…..are you serious?” CLASSIC 😀

  4. what a wanker is that interviewer… cant he ask normal questions, where people actually are interested in? he aint even funny…

  5. Give a lipstick to this dude and have him give free blow jobs in the red district instead of waste Jozy’s time. Gayest interview EVER!
    And yeah pal, you have a “girlfriend”, “her” name is Pedro.

  6. altidore rules!!! this midget should go to the amsterdam red light district and visit one of the blue lights.

  7. @Naaath13 yeahh after 7 years ( 7 years!!! ) ur club won the titel u getting all cockyy, and now up for some more 7 years kido

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