25 replies on “AJAX- AZ goalkeeper kicks hooligans”

  1. @MrNodzilla its too late for that. but maybe his parents are too old now to have other kids. and they prolly wised up after raising this one. too bad it`s always you only realise AFTER the incident…

  2. @ventieldopopeenfiets .Maybe you’re right,we must also kill his entire family aswell,we have to make sure this nonsense stops now!

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  4. @MrNodzilla nono prevention is the keyword in this. they say he`s sick in the mind. so to prevent any generation after him to be even worse then the current generation. so yeah death is good penalty if ya ask me..

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  6. @ventieldopopeenfiets .I think him needing to die is a bit strong,maybe just burning his face off with acid so the stadiums security will know not to let him in is more humane,no?

  7. @glasruitje he was drunk b4 he got in the stadium. in a soccerstadium they serve alcoholic-free beer. if he was drunk at the entrance they should have banned entrance. he also had a prior ban to the stadium. so this isnt the first time he crossed the line, so yeah i think he needs to die cause he cant control himself. i could care less for his 12 millionth 2nd chance.. so to speak.

  8. @ventieldopopeenfiets No, it was a drunk kid, when your drunk you do weird things like that… he is only 19 and you say he needs to die because he was drunk???

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  10. @glasruitje no that fan is crazy, and should be shot, gutted, hung from a tree, shot again and run over by a hummer. this goalkeeper should get a fuckin medal.

  11. @Kenny1985Chan but then it`ll probably be better aimed, like at the chest/head area?

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  13. @shachtyorr this is not a ”fan” this is a f#cking retard on cocaine, this kind of people don’t give a f#ck about the sport

  14. @S3bish Not everyone is a pussy like you. If I got attack out of the blue by someone, I wont want that attacker to get up and attack me again, thats why I’ll kick him a few more times.

  15. @S3bish Atleast you understand it! That keeper is crazy, just kicking a 19 year old boy, i understand it when the keeper defends his self but kicking him??? NO WAY!
    You must be crazy to do that..

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