21 replies on “Ajax Amsterdam – AZ Alkmaar (21.12.11) Fight Goalkepper(Esteban) vs Hooligan”

  1. haha why do you mess when you don’t have the muscle or the balls ,that skinny bitch claiming to be hooligan got what deserved.Respect for the coach.

  2. @penpen3844 But actually I can’t see why did Alvarado need to protect himself in that way… the guy just ran to him and barely took any aggressive action. Alvarado was the one who started the fight. And as @YurProduction says, there is the rule set by the KNVB. AZ Alkmaar can do anything afterwards but not on the field, not during the game because this would, just like what you have said, put other players (including Ajax’s) in jeopardy.

  3. @penpen3844 the FA? do u know football at all? the FA is only england…this game obviusly isnt in england…dutch cup bro

  4. why the ref did not give a penalty kick as well? it happens in the penalty box

  5. The fan was friends with the ref so when he saw him get hurt he gave him a red card…..

  6. smart coach…for telling all his team members to get off the field. That ref’s not right in the head….the coach ended the game for the ref cause he needs to get fired!!

  7. Hopefully they fed the hooligan to the rest of the crowd for f*cking the match up.

  8. Most respect for that coach, get your players the hell outa there. When you feel the safety of your team is in jeopardy, plus the ref is an idiot, I dont see what else needed to be done. I would had just put the Keeper on report so that the FA could decide his fate.

  9. I would have given the Keeper a yellow personally, He was attacked and then the fan got whats coming to him…should not have been sent off for not letting himself get hurt…

  10. @absa0f yes i see the same… but the referee must reacted 😀 that are the rules, if he have not reacted.. he would lost his job :D:D

  11. this referee is an idiot, would he have not reacted if the fan attacked him rather than the goalkeeper ??

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