25 replies on “Adam Maher-August 2011”

  1. Arsenal is dead. Maher’s career has just begon. If he goes to Arsenal he gets worse and worse

  2. @rakeshorton typical arsenal player? arsnal are wank. he isnt a wank player.

  3. 1 van de grootste talenten van de eredivisie !

    hopelijk blijft hji nog 2-3 jaar en gaat hij daarna naar een mooie club

  4. @thefootymob hahaha i love how two football video uploaders comment to each other!

  5. wow, he looks like a fantastic player,
    great vision, great feet, good engine(from what i can see)

    btw, what is the song called, its sick!

  6. @moluksefreefighter01 He never played at Ajax, in his youth he could chose for AZ or Ajax and he had chosen AZ. So all credits goes to the AZ academy.

  7. @vry00 You don’t like it? And damn this Maher kid. He put AZ up top. Sucks for a Feyenoord fan

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