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  1. Jozy and Freddy ADU!!! with Adu playing an attackin mid right under Torres and your pick of Jones or Bradley or the Hybrid Mo Edu!

  2. @ejyounggun08 He has had multiple knocks and the like just getting up to speed throughout the season. Also, about half of those 8 goals were penalties from his little diving antics, and he’s clearly run out of steam at this point. He’s just not season fit yet, which is totally understandable since he almost died before.

  3. @Reskilober Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe he’s only been injured once this season. Back in May against the Rapids he had a hamstring injury. I notice he’s only had 13 starts for 8 goals and 1 assist but has played in 20 matches…so unless that injury kept him out for at least 4 games, then I would say he has had another knock or two. Either way he’s played in 20 matches, I’d say he can last an entire season. And deserves a call-up, at least, by next summer. HE KNOWS HOW TO FINISH!

  4. @ejyounggun08 Because Charlie can’t make it through a whole season of DC at this point, much less a national team call up. He’s at least a year away from that, and that’s assuming that he’s ever the same self again which is a long shot.

  5. I guess I’m oblivious…but why hasn’t Charlie been called in? When he was with Hammarby he and Jozy got paired up a few times and did fantastic.

  6. i wish you all the best jozy,

    keep scoring and stay healthy. hopefully the goals keep coming.

  7. @choudharya1234 why not both. That would be deadly especially with Donovan right behind them in center.

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