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  1. im a referee and i can say that the red card was a good call. he cant do that to anyone, not even the fans.

  2. Esteban has kicked the supporter because he thought the supporter had a knife and he wanted to defend himself because he has got a wife and kids

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  4. The ref has no common sense here so I can understand why AZ players walked off the field in protest against his decision to red card their keeper. Yes, it’s violent conduct by the player, but it’s against some moron fan that attacked HIM! How’s that a red card?!!

  5. @vrachtwagen3000 erhmm, you can say this because you see this in a vid, but how the fuck would you know if the hooligan had a knife he could throw or not in such little time, the best thing you could do is to take out the attacker and prevent him from taking is knife(or something else) to be sure. And that’s what the keeper did.

  6. I use to be a football hooligan, until i took an arrow in the knee

  7. @Bon1facius not just killed. Oliver Kahn would have beheaded him, than ate his organs and clean his teeth with the ribs!

  8. tbf it doesnt look that bad. he only kicks his foot or shin , when he could have easily taken a blow to his chest or head in that position

  9. guys!! the fan got 6 months prison! also the red card was revoked! and ajax (the fans club) was charged 10,000 euro for the incident!
    heres the site (its in spanish though) so translate it though google if you wish
    HOLY SHIT netherlands rocks!


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