25 replies on “FIFA12 Subscribers’ Manager Mode Team Revealed & Vote for New Transfers (HD)”

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  2. Striker Choices: 1) Cristiano Ronaldo 2) Neymar 3) Wayne Rooney 4) Carlos Tevez 5) Robin Van Persie 6) Lionel Messi 7) Arjen Robben (even though he is a Midfielder use him as a Striker). Please choose at least one of the choises although #5 and 6 (Van Persie and Messi) don`t really matter. Thanks for making theese cool videos!

  3. oh i think if u had the money i would sign either harry kewell a liverpool and AUSSIE ledgend or peter crouch

  4. Don’t sell Vertonghen , he comes from Belgium and I would like to see a Belgian player in your team !

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