25 replies on “Esteban fight with a supporter Ajax vs. AZ (1-0) (KNVB CUP-2011)”

  1. @meProudToBeCaucasian This coming from someone who doesn’t like black people: the goal keeper did the best thing, the guy so deserved it. Besides the hooligan attacks him in his back and fails, so he is the coward. When is fighting back being a coward? Besides the hooligan could get back up and attack him again, so he did defended himself. For the ‘racist nigger’ you said, you’re being a hypocrite, you insult him be saying he is a nigger and while he didn’t do anything racist, you’re the racist.

  2. @CHRIS4EDDIE He got it rescinded and the game is to be replayed.

    Check out this on YouTube – Football player gets red card for tackling streaker

  3. Fucking drunk nazi, hahaha… Esteban should hit u in ur fucking skin-head.

  4. That fan was made look like a bitch in front of 40,000 live supporters. Ha ha Dick head

  5. @meProudToBeCaucasian The guy tried to kick him from behind that’s cowardly but i do agree with you about the french lol

  6. azs coach was very clever he backed up his team not like slavne bilić against greece when their fans (read hooligans) bombard our fans and one of them lost few fingers and then they got 2 games with empty stadium

  7. Fucking nigger keeper has to kick someone when he lies on the ground coward bastard

    racist nigger need to get out of foootball, they suck anyways like the french team

  8. I think we all learned a lesson after this – don’t ever mess with Esteban Alvarado!!

  9. he sees the fucker out of the corner of his eye, and still kicks him.. he must have been trained by chuck norris? (or heskey)

  10. @CHRIS4EDDIE don’t mean to sound like the dick here but rules of the game states that if a player attacks a fan after they are down then they are to be issued a red card… now under the circumstances I certainly disagree with the ruling by the ref, but by following the FIFA laws of the game the ref was correct in his decisions.

  11. hahahhaahahhahahhahahaaa ROFLMAO that was hilarious!!
    runs like a girl and fights like a bitch! :d


  12. @theJoppermin: what a relieve, that german football is kicking dutches ass, like esteban the hooligan idiot

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