19 replies on “CRAZY Esteban kicks a Hooligan’s ass !”

  1. @stuckonautomatic
    I’m assuming you haven’t never fought on the streets. There is no rules, there isn’t a ref to ring a bell. You can’t assume that attacker gives up cause he went down. The hooligan could have gotten up and attack again.

  2. The dutch football federation deleted the red card of the goalkeeper, cuz after watching the situation they decided that he was defending hisself, the AZ manager did right to quit the match with his footballers

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  4. @skearo75013
    Maybe the question should be what the GK was supposed NOT to do. – Answer: Not kick the crap out of someone who already lies on the ground no matter what kind of idiot that is.

  5. JESUS is coming soon accept him as your saviour before its to late, message me for details 🙂

  6. @GoupylBoX one for the keeper. thats all. the guest coach quit the game after them. 😉

  7. The coach of AZ decided to stop the match, so, I don’t know, maybe only one..

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