7 replies on “AZ Alkmaar Goalkeeper Kicks Fan Who Went To Attack Him”

  1. No no no, the goal keeper exegerated and used excessive force.. This is not UFC.. Typical third world goal keeper.. RED RED RED.. i salute the referee..

  2. dutch football crazy.manager done the right thing .the fan should get a life ban!!!!!

  3. How could he get a red card when any respectable man would defend himself in that situation. If I were a high-calibur athlete, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to risk being injured by a fan, and losing out on a multi-million dollar contract.

  4. Все правильно сделал. Долбоебов надо пиздить ногами.

  5. Ибрагимовичу нужно в Алкмар переходить.

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